Not You, Your Sister (2019)

 Realese Date :  2019
Genre : Drama
Country : Korea

Synopsis :
Suddenly, one day at home, Jitsukichi comes to the rescue and three people live together. My wife, who is not interested in herself, is always troubled because her husband is trying to recover her relationship with wisdom, but when she returns only coldly, she becomes depressed.

One day, the self-comforting resident of the house watching the TV in the living room will be taken to the scene. In fact, his wife Wisdom was having an affair with his boss. Jong - suk, who had been suffering from a difficult relationship with his wife 's wisdom, decided to help his wife to improve their relationship. A home away from self-confidence will train you to satisfy your brother's wisdom. Technique is increasing day by day when a resident receives private lessons from Ji Suk. In the end, the resident can restore the relationship with Wisdom thanks to Jisuk. Ahn Ji-sook is reluctant to leave the house of his sons and daughters when his brother and sister's relationship has improved again.
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