Empire of the Senses 2 – Love of Sada (2017)

Realese Date :  2017
Genre :  Drama, true Story
Country : Japan

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3617996/  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmFsuKnL3U4

Synopsis :
When World War II destroyed the world in May 1936, the body of a man whose penis was severed was found in a long fairy in Tokyo. The victim is Ishida Kichizo, the master of Yoshidaya fairy, and Abessa is the former employee of Yoshidaya Yoshi. The two were enjoying the ransacking of Isaida 's wife. Over 70 years after the incident, the souls of Ishida (Kazuyuki Nakayama) and Sada (Sukimoto Aya) are revived. In the eyes of the photographer Isada, who takes a nude picture of bizarreness, the sadness of Sada begins to be seen. One day, while shooting a nude model on the coast, he meets Omiya (Uchida Yuya), a strange old man of silver hair, and reunites with his wife Sada. Omiya asks Sada to take a nude photo, but the two soon realize each other and fall in love. Now, love beyond time and space unfolds. They are answering the question of what was happening in Tokyo in the 1930s when the incident happened, and whether we had to meet again in order to regain their desperate love. Transcendental beings emerge and judge their bizarre love. What is love? In the presence of transcendental beings who defined the futility of physical love and tried to judge the two, Ishida and Sada did not cool down after 70 years
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