There is a Japanese Woman in My Room (2019)

Realese Date :  May 16 2019
Genre :  Drama, Romance
Country : Korean

Synopsis :
Sakura (Hamasaki Mao) who worked for a hotel in Korea with a spirited goal. I decided to take care of cooking and cleaning, but I got massage practice with my first practical training.

The hands of the massage team leader digs Sakura's naked body, leaving tears and escaping from the hotel. I go to the inn and the jjimjilbang and try not to put a cord of hope, but everywhere I go, the evil devils and the big and small misunderstandings that bother Sakura, I end up being a homeless person ... I felt the threat of life to cold and hunger. Hiding in a large mansion. The jealousy of the devil devil that I have come to see is unloaded and I puke out the unbearable moaning.

The kissing army, who confessed himself to a large mansion and painted WebToon, finds the existence of Sakura and proposes to stay together for the time being.

The beauty of the beautiful Sakura revitalizes the imagination of the kissing army, and Sakura becomes the protagonist of the kiss army's web tonne and presents various obscene charms.
Password : AML

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