Next Door Girl (2019)

Realese Date : Mar 19 2019
Genre :  Drama, Romance 
Country : Korea

Synopsis :
Today's interview is a hundred percent. Until the stress of work, hair loss, comes with gastro-intestinal medicine, and there is a nagging girlfriend who promised to marry ... I have only been living such a painful life for several years already. A few days ago, an amazing thing happened to him. The eyes of the girl next door have met. Kyu-Nam and the neighboring girl next to each other, who are in a similar situation, start enjoying secret sex because of their girlfriend's eyes ...

Then, one day, I hear a story like a bangcheon bangchun in an accidental visit. It is because of demons that the reason why it does not work is ... . It is also that the ghost is attached to the side ... . At first, I did not believe that it was ridiculous, but I became more and more suspicious of the next door girl. So, we are going to find clues to the identity of the next door girl. Was the lady next door really a ghost?
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