Coffee Shop Mother(2019)

Realese Date : Mar 01 2019
Genre :  Drama, Romance
Country : Korea

Synopsis :
'What do you want to talk about the coffee mama?'
It is not that I did not really love to work in a coffee shop. I had a love for me, so I parted because I loved it.
One day when I was working in the coffee shop, my son came to me, a son who was separated from me when I was a child.
In the past, I loved married men, and I also tried to raise my child as hard as my child. Not my child, but ...
Then, from a certain moment, both the time of the child and me became more and more .. He gradually neglected the house .. As I understood it,
If I just disappear ... Everyone is happy .... If I'm quiet ... I want to be a nice husband who waited for my wife ... I left.
'Why did the son come?'
Nostalgia for the real mother, and the place where I want to lean against the unstable youth
Password : AML

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