The Sins of Desire (2016)

Realese Date :  2016
Genre :  Drama, Erotic
Country : China

Synopsis :
This is a story about migration love. New modern urban white-collar Xia Zaixiang a studio work, Tang Limei introduced by the company in charge of a building they moved to live. Tang Limei decorated in a company when the director, while her husband is often traveling. Xiazi Xiang girlfriend and Tang Limei husband, often not at home, so alone and left behind Xiazi Xiang Tang Limei always go to work to work. Stairways, corridors, and pass her, a smile or greeting, gradually exchanges, Xiazai Xiang Tang Limei found each other and with their many common interests and hobbies, mutual understanding at work, but also with each other It is becoming more and more familiar. Until one day, they suddenly found their other half had the affair has become a pair of the protagonist, Tang Limei and Xiazi Xiang had to work together to face this reality. They betrayed spouse under the shadow of different feelings close. Sometimes she seemed to rely on, and suddenly renegade. He wants to occupy, you want to go against, but her face solemn look, he felt indescribable Qingqie. When faceless, more think those people carrying stolen, quiet room to spend time, how warm and calm. Two broken heart carefully, devotion, but eventually turned it into missed the pain, it is an embarrassing relative. Fate gave them until a decision ......
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