Sexy Voice (2017)

Realese Date : Feb 16, 2017
Genre :  Melodrama, Romance, Comedy
Country : South Korea

Synopsis :
In the countryside, with a dream of a voice actor, Lia is a car that has fallen out of the voice act test, but accidentally comes to see the announcement of the voice actor.
But I think that it is the practice of voice actors and work hard.
Sung-tae, who has suffered from the difficulty of operating the site, has an intense interest in Leah as her company's sales show explosive response to her voice.
In order to save Leah, who is in trouble, Li-A and Jun-Beom are born with love.
Meanwhile, Liaha, who was always worried about her daughter in the countryside, suddenly goes into business...
Chae-Young is betraying the site because of the false judgment of Sung-Tae, Their relationship is only twisted...
Password : AML
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