Fight against Buddha (2017)

Realese Date : January, 2017
Genre :  Fantasy
Country : Taiwan

Synopsis :
"Fighting over the Buddha" is directed by Lin water net, Chen Haomin, Lin Zicong starred in the modern magical comedy film. The film by the Hangzhou Shuo Culture and Culture Co., Ltd., Lai Feng Film Culture Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing Amoy Dream Network Technology Co., Ltd. jointly produced.
"Fighting over the Buddha" tells the story of the Sun Wukong in the West after the study of the story. He had been a demon, done cents, and now to be reincarnation, in order to eventually become a Buddha. When the darkness of the resentment rampant frenzy, where the body of the Monkey King can overcome their own real fight to fight the Buddha? The world's emotional fetters, greed of repeated struggle, selfishness of the difficult choice, a way of self-salvation has been opened.
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