You Are the Apple of My Eye ( 2011 )

Realese Date :  19 August 2011
Genre :  Romance, Comedy, Drama
Country :Taiwan

Synopsis :
Changhua, west coast of Taiwan, 1994. Sixteen-year-old Ko Ching-teng (Ko Chen-tung) is a pupil at Chingchang High School, along with his pals “Boner” (Yen Sheng-yu), the serious “Fattie” A-ho (Steven Hao), the bragging “Cock Tsao” (Owodog) and the lascivious “Groin” (Tsai Chang-hsien). All have a crush on the brightest student in their class, goody two-shoes Shen Chia-yi (Michelle Chen), but she is only interested in her studies. When Ching-teng and Boner are caught fooling around in class, Ching-teng is made to sit in front of her and is put under her personal supervision. Chia-yi makes it her personal mission to get Ching-teng interested in taking schoolwork seriously, and eventually his marks start to improve. Gradually, their early antagonism turns into something more than friendship, though Ching-teng never openly declares his liking for her. On graduation day, Chia-yi whispers to her best friend Hu Chia-wei (Wan Wan) the name of the boy she likes the most. During that summer, in 1997, the group of seven spend their last carefree days together before going their separate ways to further education. Chia-yi goes to National Taipei University of Education, while Ching-teng ends up in a college in Hsinchu, south of the city, where he forms a new group of friends but still phones Chia-yi every day. The two see each other but Ching-teng still holds back from officially “dating” her. To boost his sense of pride, Ching-teng organises a fight tournament at his college but gets soundly beaten. After an argument with Chia-yi, who’s appalled by his immature behaviour, he walks away, and it looks like the two will never see each other again.
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