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Fool For Love (2010)


Realese Date : 23 April 2010
Genre : Comedy | Romance
Country :  Vietnam

Synopsis :
Dung (Dustin Nguyen) is a gentle and friendly young man who is leading a simple life and working in a five star hotel as a clerk. One day he meets Mai (Kathy Uyen), a beautiful lounge singer and instantly falls in love with her.
Meeting Mai is the best thing that can happen in Dung’s life and he is convinced Mai really loves him deeply. But his expectation of Mai’s love turns into a doubt as someone else is also pursuing her at the same time.
Antoine (Charlie Nguyen), is Mai’s boss and also the person responsible to groom Mai for what she is today. Chasing Mai is the best thing for Antoine as he had invested lots of money and time just for the sake of her singing career.
Feeling the loss of love, Dung knows he cannot match Antoine’s wealth and decides to quit his job in order to win Mai’s heart. Knowing that he needs more money than ever before he decides to become a companion of a wealthy gay boss, Hoi (Thai Hoa).
Mai is now stuck between Antoine and Dung, having the need to choose between true love and financial security. The similar situation is facing Dung too. Who will Mai choose? What happen to Dung and Hoi in the end?
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ATM: Er Rak Error ( 2012 )

Realese Date : 19 January 2012
Genre : Comedy | Romance
Country : Thailand

Synopsis :
Two employees at a bank have been having a secret relationship for the past five years. Worried that their romance might soon be discovered and he will lose his job, he decides he should propose marriage and ask his bride to be to resign from the bank. But, things don’t go to plan.
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The Silent War (聽風者) (2012)

Realese Date : 7 August 2012
Genre : Crime,Drama,Thriller
Country :Chinese-Hong Kong

Synopsis :
An espionage thriller set in the 1950s and adapted from the novel "Year Suan/Plot Against" by May Jia. Tony Leung Chiu Wai plays a blind man who works for a piano tuner. He is recruited for a spy mission because of his exceptional hearing.
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Life Of Pi ( 2012 )

Realese Date : 21 November 2012
Genre : Adventure | Drama
Country : India

Synopsis :
Life Of Pi (2012) Movie Synopsis: Based on the best-selling novel by Yann Martel, is a magical adventure story centering on Pi Patel, the precocious son of a zoo keeper. Dwellers in Pondicherry, India, the family decides to move to Canada, hitching a ride on a huge freighter. After a shipwreck, Pi finds himself adrift in the Pacific Ocean on a 26-foot lifeboat with a zebra, a hyena, an orangutan and a 450-pound Bengal tiger named Richard Parker, all fighting for survival.
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Lan Kwai Fong 2 (2012)

Realese Date : 23 August 2012
Genre : Drama
Country : Hongkong

Synopsis :
Promiscuous things going on every night at LKF. Tonight, a photographer hits it off with a girl that just broke up with her rich ex-boyfriend; an office boy in advertising mistakes his cell phone for a pretty married woman’s; a broker gets to know a prostitute a lot more than he should; a patrol officer comes across a female DJ working at a night club, they’re like familiar strangers to each other.
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Realese Date : 16 October 2010
Genre : Comedy
Country : Japan

Synopsis :
Live action adaptation of the cartoon and comic. The story focuses on a high school boy who boards with an all-female family. When he discovers that he can turn invisible, it naturally leads to risque situations, particularly involving the girls that he lives with.
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