Ai to makoto (2012)

Realese Date : 16 June 2012
Genre : Action / Romance / Musical
Country : Japan

Synopsis :
Troubled high school student Makoto (Satoshi Tsumabuki) arrives in Tokyo to exact revenge from a past incident. He then falls in love at first sight with Ai (Emi Takei), a daughter raised in a wholesome family. Around Makoto and Ai are Iwashimizu (Takumi Saito), who has feelings for Ai and Gamuko (Sakura Ando), a gang member who eyes Makoto. Nipponcinema : The film stars Satoshi Tsumabuki as a delinquent named Makoto and Emi Takei as a straight A student named Ai, the only daughter of a prominent and distinguished Tokyo family. When the two meet, Ai recognizes the scar on Makoto’s forehead that she accidentally caused at a ski resort during childhood and assumes it’s the reason for his bad turn in life. Thus, she dedicates herself to helping Makoto turn his life around. Eventually, Ai’s dedication to Makoto makes a female gang leader named Yuki jealous, so she takes Ai hostage and it’s up to Makoto to save her.
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